Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Runny Nose


Are you getting irritations with your running nose? Is it disturbing you in all activities? You want to stop it but, don’t know how to do that? If like so, at last, you reached the right place to know those ways. In this article, we are going to share you useful information to fix your situation very quickly.

The 3 Effective Remedies

First of all, do you know the reason of the problem? There are so many reasons behind in the problem, but the most common causes are an allergy, infections and weather conditions. At the same time, you know there is a connection between these 2 problems. Yes, sneezing and cough are some of the symptoms.

When you feel sneezing or cough, you have to take the right treatment to stop those symptoms. On the other hand, along with a runny nose, sore throat problem also comes to irritate you.

No worry, we are here for help you to solve all symptoms and also runny nose fast. Below is the list of those remedies.

1. Saltwater

It is always to better to flush out your nose and remove all bacteria from your nose. In order to flush out your nasal passage, you can make use salt water. When you use salt water on your nasal passage, it should irritate but flush out and clears all bacteria.

How to apply

  • Take a cup of lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of salt. By using a nasal spray bottle, or a neti pot, pass the salt water to any one of your nostrils when your head is upward direction.
  • After that, inhale salt water gently and do this same for another nostril.
  • Repeat this process for more times a day for both nostrils until you have no runny nose.

2. Turmeric

Naturally, turmeric contains anti-bacterial property, which helps to clear nasal passage. You can use turmeric for cold and as well as other illness too.

How to apply

  • Take a tablespoon of dry turmeric and heat it with linseed oil for few minutes.
  • After that, inhale the smoke of the oil for more times a day to clear a runny nose very quickly.
  • Alternatively, you can also take a cup of milk add a tablespoon of turmeric powder and then drink the milk.

3. Ginger

Actually, the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of ginger help to deal with these issues as soon as possible. Apart from that, you will get other plenty of benefits of ginger.

How to apply

  • Take a small size ginger, slice it and add a cup of water.
  • Then, boil the water for few minutes and add honey or sugar if you need for taste.
  • Drink the water completely and repeat this once a day until you don’t see any symptom.

We hope that with the remedies shared here, you will find the right way to fix the problem. If our remedies can’t help you, read this article for more ways.