Slot Car Racing Buying Guide

Slot Car Racing Buying Guide

The slot racing cars are very popular among the children at present. The collectors of different types racing cars and huge toy making industry have begun to start designing of wood cars which rolled on the floor.

Some type of the toy racing cars is operated by the electricity power. Slot racing cars belong to that category which is operated on the power of electricity. The slot racing cars are a thrilling toy for the children and collectible by the die cast cars.

The slot racing cars can run much more speed than other toy cars about 500mph in a managed environment. Mostly the toy cars who runs with more speed are expensive as well as dangerous to very small kids, they need a special environment to play.

On the other hand, the slot racing cars are expensive, durable and it can be used by young children without any fear. Selecting a slot racing car can be little tricky compared to other toys. Here are some tips to guide you while buying the slot racing cars.

Analog and digital slot cars

At the old years before 2004, the slot racing cars are work with the analog model, which means that the slot track permits only one car per lane. Every analog handheld controller is connected to the specific lane and shows how much power the car receives.

But after 2004 the digital system was introduced in the slot racing cars, which is very complex to design for the manufacturer with the accessories of slot racing cars. In a digital configuration, handheld controllers are linked to particular slot cars instead of lanes, and each lane receives full power all the time. Plus point in the digital system is multiple cars can run on the same lane, which gives a true car racing experience to the children.

Plastic and wood tracks


Most of the tracks of slot racing cars can be designed with the plastic material in commercial use. But the plastic tracks are an option to the buyers because they a buy a wood track in a market. The wood is the most common material to select for the homemade slot racing cars because the plastic is generally not a good material for the children to work with.

The wood track also worthful for the competition due to the wood surface will give you a much smoother experience during the driving. Mostly all playful slot cars are prepared with some minor tweaks, which performs well both on the plastic and wood.

Kits selection in slot racing car selection

When you purchase a slot racing car first time for your child, it is difficult to select the kits set of the slot cars. If you are buying a slot racing car for single children then consider buying a scale starter kit which is more suitable for the beginner of slot racing cars. The slices selection is more important when buying slot cars because they are not interchangeable.

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