Foods That Make You Constipated


Constipation is slightly turning into a big problem for us. It is not any genetic issue or incurable disease. It is just a health condition generated by humans due to negligence about the meals they have every day. MD and associate chief of gastroenterology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center – Dr. Gerard Isenberg say that people heavily consume foods that lack in fiber content.

Dr. Gerard says that your dinner must contain a good quantity of fiber otherwise constipation issue will be a normal issue in your life. You can get details on meals that contain a good quantity of fiber, but we are here to discuss something else. We will share with you about the worst foods that you shouldn’t eat to much otherwise you want to get constipated. You will be healthy if you take care and eat healthily.

1. Dairy Products

The nutrition manager of La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago, Mark Spielmann says dairy products are quite harmful to constipated individuals. Products like cheese, butter, and ice cream offer a high quantity of fat, but quite poor quantity of fiber. You should not provide your kids with too much dairy products. Even toddlers can suffer from constipation if they consume a high quantity of dairy products.

2. Chips

You can’t stop yourself when you have a packet of delicious chips in your hands. We all love eating snacks and sometimes people eat so many snacks. Slightly, snacks replace healthy food that contains high quantity of fiber. Do not let it be with you because snacks like chips can cause digestion related issues. In addition, excessive consumption of snacks can also result in serious issues like obesity.

Spielmann suggests people have whole grain foods and low-fat snacks, which are available in the market. Thus, you will not suffer from constipation and live a healthy life with your family.

3. Red Meat

There is no proof that red meat causes constipation issue, but it effectively changes your habit of eating high-fiber food. Even nutrition experts support the fact that red meat is not healthy for humans. You should increase the quantity of salad and reduce consumption of red meat. Soon you will realize that the constipation is no more an issue in your life because fiber-rich salad will cure the issue.

4. Frozen Foods

The facts say consumption of frozen foods is increased and this habit of consumers causing the constipation issue. Tammy Lakatos, a certified trainer in New York says frozen foods contain very low amount of fiber. Consuming such foods can increase fat and cause constipation. Many other health experts also support Tammy Lakatos’s view about frozen foods. You must avoid consuming it if you want a constipation free life.

5. Raw Bananas

Ripe bananas provide you better relief from constipation problem because they are high in soluble fibers. However, you should not make a mistake of consuming raw and green bananas because it can increase constipation issue. Tammy Lakatos also works as a nutritionist in NewYork and he suggests his clients to avoid consumption of raw bananas because it isn’t good for his client’s condition.

We hope that with the knowledge of these five foods, you will be able to prevent constipation. Besides that, you can learn more about Foods that cause constipation here and What to eat when constipated here.